Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

IPMS Region 4 - 2014 Regionals

What a way to end the show season. We'd like to thank IPMS Warren for their hospitality. The venue was large and well lighted, plenty of room to move freely. The vendor room was packed with a wide demographic of vendors. Everyone from herd thinners to hobby shops were present. We found great deals to include new Dragon armor, rare Tamiya Formula 1 cars, and unbelievably cheap aftermarket accessories.  
Our New AMMO Rack!
The latest addition to our booth was a new display rack. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was worth its weight in gold. We no longer had to worry about refilling our single display rack, and it was much easier for customers to find what they were looking for. Who would have thought a nail polish rack would fit AMMO weathering bottles perfectly? Coincidence? We think not. Additionally, we had more demos and let modelers test drive new products at our table.  

Packed Vendor Room
One of the best parts of the show was the food. The VFW provided an excellent assortment of food for lunch and breakfast. The homemade baked ziti was delicious and cheap too, perfect for the fiscally conscious modeler. 

Spacious Contest Hall

We had a wonderful time meeting new modelers, and look forward to next years Regional. See you in Dayton!

For a complete gallery please visit our Facebook page.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

AMPS Midwest Regional Convention / WrightCon 2014 Report

AMPS Best of Show

Another fun show in the books! This past weekend we attended the fabulous AMPS Midwest Regional Convention / WrightCon hosted by Wright Field Scale Modelers at the Hope Hotel in Dayton, Ohio. WrightCon is a unique show compared to traditional IPMS shows. This year, WrightCon incorporated AMPS style judging for armor subjects. Each armor subject was judged on it's own merit and rewarded Gold, Silver, or Bronze. In total over 150 armor pieces were on display, many of which were works of art. The best AMPS subject went to John Hale's masterful King Cobra Sherman (pictured above).

In addition to armor entries WrightCon had over 250 other models entered. Again, many were show stoppers. We wouldn't liked to have been judging. Best of Show was awarded to the fire tender (pictured above). The tender was completely scratchbuilt and demonstrated superb craftsmanship.  

The vendor room at WrightCon was packed, anything and everything could be bought. We at Fox One ventured out and displayed on two tables. It was a great move. In the center of our display we had an area dedicated to demoing products. It was a great experience not only telling modelers how to use products, but also showing them. We would especially like to thank AMMO by Mig Jimenez and StyleX for their support.

Friday we had the pleasure of hosting a seminar detailing weathering techniques. Specifically, we focused on worn finishes. Our canvas was T-34 turret. We started by spraying AMMO Russian Green earlier in the day followed by a coat of AMMO Scratches Effects. We let the paint dry throughout the day and then during the seminar sprayed AMMO White over top. Immediately after airbrushing white onto the turret, we began stripping the paint off with a soft bristled brush and water (pictured above). To tone down the stark contrast between white and green, AMMO Washable White was airbrushed on next. Again, we used a soft bristled brush to blend and fade the washable white. The washable white is a perfect addition to any winter finish, but can also be used as the primary whitewash as well. It performs differently than the traditional hairspray/chipping effects methods. The last part of the demonstration was a segment on using AMMO Earth Effects to create mud. Overall, the seminar was a lot of fun and I hope we have another opportunity to showcase new modeling techniques.
Below are few more examples of the top notch models displayed at the show. Check out our Facebook Page for even more photos.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Step-by-step Finishing

Hey modelers!

I know it's been a little while since our last update, but we're working really hard on getting our website online and preparing for WrightCon. In the meantime check out our T-34 Page detailing a step-by-step finishing guide.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

TRICON 2014 Report

Another great show in the books!

Yesterday, Three Rivers IPMS hosted a wonderful show. The show venue was located just outside of the city, and more importantly (for spouses) right next to a major shopping mall. The venue was perfect; plenty of room, ample lighting, and easy to access.

Shortly after 9 the crowd rolled in, and we were quickly surrounded by modelers. It was time a great time explaining the applicability of our products. Without a doubt many modelers were excited to see Mig Jimenez’s new modeling line AMMO. Helping them decide exactly what washes, pigments, and paints needed to create a stellar model was a joy. Additionally, our StyleX supply was almost wiped clean.   

The boys from Pittsburgh put on a great show, and we'll be sure to return next year. Below is a sample of the excellent work exhibited at TRICON. Visit our Facebook Page for a complete album.

Happy Modeling

Saturday, March 15, 2014

IPMS Roscoe Turner 2014

Today was our first show vending... What an experience! IPMS Roscoe Turner hosted a wonderful event. We arrived shortly after 8:00am, and we were setup for business about 30 minutes later. The next 6 hours turned into an action packed adventure. This being our first show, we learned a lot on the fly. Many modelers were interested in what we had for sale. It was a lot fun illustrating the value of our products. Most of which have never been sold at an IPMS RIV show before. Specifically, StyleX and Ammo drew the most attention. Modelers were amazed at their quality and applicability. We ended selling around 3:30pm, completely satisfied. We will definitely be back next year!    
Our Setup
Below is a small selection of the outstanding models entered at the show. Please visit our Facebook Page for more photos.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Fox One Hobbies heads North!

This past weekend Fox One Hobbies traveled north of the border to attend HeritageCon 8. We didn't vend, but it was an awesome experience meeting new friends, attending a splendid show, and viewing great models. Our trip started Friday morning from Dayton, and after visiting Michigan Toy Soldier we arrived in Hamilton around 8:00pm.

On Saturday morning we set out for local area hobby shops. The first stop was Modelers Choice located on Upper James St. in Hamilton. Located in a small strip plaza, the shop was stocked with the latest models. We had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners. It was great talking models and learning about the health of the hobby in Canada. Following Modeller's Choice we hopped back into our car and headed over to Dundas Valley Hobby. Dundas is another gem of Hamilton. Tucked away in a small building, the shop is packed from floor to ceiling. You can find anything from a LGB Locomotive to the latest aftermarket offering from Eduard.

Modeller's Choice

Dundas Valley Hobby

After a quick visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, we ended our hobby shop tour at Hornet Hobbies. We arrived at 4:30pm, only 30 minutes before they closed so we rushed in to make a quick tour. However, what we thought would be a quick stop turned into a great evening centered around modeling. We met the owner, Dave Browne, who showed us his fabulous collection of models. Works of art by the greats, to include Mike Rinaldi, Tony Bell, and Harvey Low, adorned the glass display cases along with battlefield relics. 
Mike Rinaldi's Unbelievable Stug III

Harvey Low's Battleship Nagato Masterpiece 

In addition to top quality display models, Hornet has one of the best selections of modeling related items we've seen at a hobby shop. The shelves were loaded with the latest releases and every conceivable paint brand. Without a doubt Dave knows how to stock what modelers need.

Hornet's Top Quality Stock

We met a few other locals at the shop, and continued our conversations at dinner and then over the late night Maple Leafs win. If you're ever in Toronto you have to visit Hornet Hobbies.

HeritageCon's Packed Vendor Area

As Sunday morning broke we packed our bags and headed to HeritageCon. The parking lot of the museum was packed, which was a great sign. We ended up parking out on the tarmac at the rear of the museum. Inside, the vendors filled half of the hanger! What a great sight. We quickly entered our models, and headed over to Ontario's largest hobby shop. In the vendor area we ran into familiar faces from IPMS Region 4, and met new friends from Canada. Everyone was incredibly friendly and inviting. Canadian's exemplify the spirit of our hobby.

The quality of models at the show were amazing, the judges had their work cut out for them. The show room closed at 12:30pm for judging, at which point we toured the museum. Time flew by as we walked through the hanger admiring Canada's pristine restoration work. We wandered outside as well to look at the aircraft that were moved for the show. The judging ended around 2:45pm and the awards presentation started promptly at 3:00pm. At HeritageCon all of the winners are announced. We loved this. Rounds of applause echoed through the hanger to congratulate the well deserved award winners. By 4:00pm the show ended, we said our goodbyes, and hit the road for home.

What we loved most about HeritageCon is that it showed the health of our hobby. Everyone at the show had a smile on their face, and without a doubt enjoyed themselves. HeritageCon 8 was a great time and we will return next year.

Check out our Facebook Page for more photos.

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